The ARHoop – a user-friendly and effective rescue tool for MOB, man overboard situations. During a development phase over several years, the product has been tested on pilot vessels as well as service and fishing vessels in demanding weather conditions.

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The ARHoop, type approved and CE-marked, is available in six different sizes and can be used on most vessel types.

The product is made of light and robust materials such as carbon, dynema and acid-resistant. All parts are corrosion-free. The workbench is delivered to :  

  • Pilot vessel
  • Aquaculture service vessels
  • Fishing vessels
  • Passenger ships
  • Ambulance vessels
  • Rescue vessels
  • MOB vessels at oil installations
  • Land-based facilities
  • Diving vessels
  • Well boats
  • Offshore service vessels
  • Quay and harbor facilities
ARHoop 240

Recommended freeboard:
0.0m to 1.0m

ARHoop 290

Recommended freeboard:
0.5m til 1.5m

ARHoop 360

Recommended freeboard:
1.5 til 2.5 m

ARHoop 440

Recommended freeboard:
2.5m til 3.5m

ARHoop 520

Recommended freeboard:
3.0m til 4.0m

ARHoop 600

Recommended freeboard:
 4.0m til 5.0m